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Not sure who the bad guy is in this picture.

Gunfight with J Curry, front with black cap.

Cowboy with laughing horse.

Sugar and Marley taking the kids for a walk.

Ava & Jay on the train.

Photo for parents in progress.

Kids at the Canyon.


View of the canyon.

Yet another.

Photo of the #7 in the canyon wall. Can you see it?

Mamu and the kids from above.

Ava wanted to go lower.

View of Bright Angel Lodge.

Native American performing the dance of the Eagle.

Native American woman showing her dressing finery.

Very funny fiddle player on the train.

Bandits robbing the train.

Pappa and Ava napping on the train back.

Kids with Elvis on Route 66 in Williams.

Another gunfight on Route 66.

Williams at night on Route 66.

The train leaves for the Canyon at 9:30. At 9:00 there is a Cowboy gun show at the depot which the kids didn't want to miss.

The RV park had kennel services so we put Marley there for the day. We aren't sure how he would take a whole day in the motorhome by himself. Sugar doesn't hear and just wants to sleep. We knew she would be okay. She is a veteran at traveling with us.

The train goes 65 miles and takes 2 hours and 15 minutes. They have lots of entertainment and play games which makes the trip go by fast. We arrived around noon. We walked through the Hotels, gift shops, and took in the views and had lunch. It was a lot of walking and it was hot. The 3.5 hours was just the right amount of time to spend before heading back.

Jay had been to the north rim with us. This was Ava's first time at the Canyon. She was surprised at the colors and how deep it was. She wants to be an artist and said maybe some day she will draw it.

The train headed back at 3:30. Again, there was entertainment, including cowboys robbing the train.

We were back at the motorhome around 6:00. Jay heard there was a gunfight on Route 66 in Williams at 7:00. We headed to town and took in the gunfight and walked around town. We had pizza and headed home.

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