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Mary Jane and John under a local artist's rendering of Geronimo

The Old Courthouse

Copper Staircase

Little globes like this all around town

Here comes the train

All aboard!

Our conductor and steward

John and Mary Jane

Diane and Gloria




My dear friend Jim, who was supposed to join Diane, Mary Jane, John and me on our train trip today, has pneumonia. He is on medication and needs lots of rest. We were disappointed that he wouldn't share this experience with us. We had such a lovely time in Globe, AZ that I am sure we will get Jim there before the winter is over.

We arrived in Globe at 10 am and stopped by the train station to pick up our tickets that were ordered on the internet. While there we met Kip, the head of the train project, and told him of our interest in taking a walking tour of the historic buildings in town. He said that if we came back at 11:30 he would be our guide. With the hour we had before meeting him , we walked down the street to the Pickle Barrel Trading Post. What a fun place. Their motto is " You won't believe what's inside" and boy is that true - everything from antiques to Pendleton clothes to Apache art and craft items. At 11:30 Kip, true to his word, walked us around for an hour telling us the history of the town, the old courthouse, the old jail, and the old train station. He recommended Joe's as the place to have lunch and it didn't disappoint. The food was quite good and reasonably priced.

We finished lunch at 1:30 and then we were off to get our train. . We were given pins because we had booked the dome car which it turns out is first class. There was an historian aboard and because we were the only passengers in the dome car on the 2pm trip, she sat down right across from us and gave us a running narrative the entire trip. She was so knowledgeable about the area and really added to our enjoyment of the ride. The only problem I had was with the spots on the train windows - picture taking of the scenery was nearly impossible. The four of us agreed that it was a fun way to spend a day.

The drive from Globe to Gold Canyon is spectacular and we never tire of the views. We had another gorgeous desert sunset tonight - no better way to end the day.

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