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Today we moved base to Antwerp, Belgium.

The journey was fine until we got into Antwerp. We were coming along and looking for our road off the A12. There was no warning sign for our road which we expected and suddenly we found it going off to our left and we were too late to get over. We then had an interesting ride around Antwerp and eventually we got to the road we needed.

Our base for Antwerp was to be our first Stellplatz. These are specifically for motorhomes and are very common in Germany. They only have basic services, Require no reservation needed but are also very low priced. This stellplatze in Antwerp could take up to 150 motorhomes. The entrance to the stellplatze was quite tight and we had to navigate around some low hanging branches of trees. We were told to park where we wanted, charged 8 euros per night and if we wanted electricity it was 1 euro per 1500kwh. We were a little unsure for a start as it looked as if the place needed some care and attention but in the end it turned out OK. The only drawback was the time it took to feed one euro coins for the electricity.

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