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Colin and I left the house at 7:30, gassed up and returned the rental car, and hit the terminal in plenty of time for the long security line at the security check. Ironically, there was absolutely no line so we breezed through ( Colin through the metal detector and me through the full body scan). We checked our flight on the monitor only to find out that our plane was delayed one hour which made it impossible for me to catch my connector flight from Chicago to Phoenix. Colin found a United gate agent who promptly put me on a flight to Denver - Phoenix so poor Colin had to sit by himself for three hours waiting for that Chicago flight.

It was a sunny - 66 degree day in Phoenix . Mary Jane and John were riding their bikes when I drove into the park and they promptly invited me for dinner. I had time to run to the grocer beforehand so I would have something in the house for breakfast.

Dinner was yummy and we caught up on all the Thanksgiving news. I shared with them that I had a meltdown late Thanksgiving night . Something ticked me off and next thing I knew I was in my bedroom, door closed, head buried in Tom's raincoat ( which Spencer asked to keep) sobbing. I hadn't experienced that kind of crying since Tom was in the hospital. Colin came in and comforted me and then we all had a chat. Not easy for any of us.

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