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Trying to get out of St Louis in the RV

This was the 4th lot of polise we saw in about 5...


Stopped to get fuel

It would be quicker to blow this up

Kansas City

35th State

We saw a car shoot round the barriers just before this train...

Went to a flea market here


Outside Jesse James house



Watkins Woollen Mill






Tiny green bug on top







UGH this is gross



Roller Coaster we can see from the RV

At least he had a cool box for his BEER!!!




Frank James's Cell it was the only one that had furniture in...



Wal sneeked in under the rope to get his photo in Frank's...


Church of Christ


World Map

Marshalls house & jail in Independence

Inside the spire


Harry Trumans House

Vaille Mansion


Our RV on the campground

We watch the roller coasters from our RV with their arms in the air screaming away, there are 3 that we can see.

Sunday we went to Jesse James house & museum where we had a guided tour of the house all of 4 rooms!!, 2 rooms were really old the other 2 had been added on at a later date we were told they had been ordered from a catalogue. We sat through a film while there about how Jesse James turned into a criminal.

Then onto Watkins Woollen Mill & House where we had a guided tour of both all the machinery that was in the mill is still in place from the day it got closed down, we went on 3 floors and as we climbed up it got hotter & hotter to think they worked in those conditions & it would have been even hotter with all the doors & windows closed as they needed to keep it like that as it was easier to work the wool.

Another day we went to the Praire Centre where we walked along the paths so many different birds & butterflies that we had not seen before. We were warned not to walk in the long grass because of snakes, ticks & chiggers, not that we would have anyway.

Chiggers can be as small as a pin head they bite then cause a nasty itching rash for up to 2 weeks.

We also met Ray while walking here his grandson is going to England to university & he is coming over to see him & going to look us up as well.

Tuesday spent quite a few hours researching the internet for storage for the RV & Car as time is getting near to coming home soon, 2 weeks till we take a long drive to O’Hare airport in Chicago. We are storing the RV & Car in Des Moines in Iowa, after making loads of phone calls over 2 days finally found somewhere that could take our huge RV, not many take them that long.

We were driving the RV further up north in Missouri but campsites are booked up as we had forgotten it is memorial weekend this coming weekend, so decided to stay where we are in Kansas City and going up daily in the car to see what we wanted to see, it actually works out cheaper that way as the RV only does 8-9 to the gallon.

Tuesday we drove to Independence about 10 miles away it was a very quaint old town with a lovely old square where the old court house was with Harry Trumans statue in front. This was Harry Truman's home town you could visit his house if you liked. We went into the Marshalls House & the jail where Frank James was held until his trial, the cells were on 2 floors not very big would not fancy been locked up in one of them!!

We saw Vaile Mansion which has 30 rooms built by a frontier business tycoon Harvey Vaile in 1881. It looked amazing from the outside the roof tiles alone set in a pattern looked great. The house was surrounded by lawns but no great grounds ordinary houses surrounded it. We went to the Church of Christ where the top was designed like a shell & inside when you looked up also like a shell. The temple spirals 300 feet into the air. Outside the temple is the World Plaza brick inlaid map of the world.

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