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Martinsburg Roundhouse in WV.


Martinsburg, WV

Martinsburg, WV


Shepherd College in Shepherdstown, WV.

Taken in Shepherdstown, WV.

Shepherdstown, WV.

I love the violet trim and the stained glass windows are amazing!

Mark and Julia at "Ray's The Steaks" in Arlington, VA. (Taken with...

We have seen some lovely places in West Virginia and enjoyed our travels through this state so very much. This is one state we feel we have thoroughly explored. The towns, mountains, and people have all made for some wonderful memories and we feel so blessed to have had this time in West Virginia.

We ended our tour of West Virginia by visiting four towns: Martinsburg, Shepherdstown, Charles Town and Harpers Ferry. All four towns are unique and rich in history.

While in Martinsburg we stopped to see the Roundhouse. The Martinsburg Roundhouse is the only iron framed roundhouse still standing in the world today. As per the tourist information, “The fully enclosed 1866 roundhouse is supported by a sophisticated cast iron frame, designed in the mid-1850’s by an immigrant engineer named Albert Fink. These frame components were cast in Baltimore, shipped and assembled here, somewhat like an erector set. The B&O used at least 5 cast-iron roundhouses of this design. This is the last one remaining.”

We made a stop in Shepherdstown because Willis wanted to see the college. As a student at Loudoun County High School many of Will’s teachers were graduates from Shepherd College, and his sister (Marty) briefly attended here. Personally, I think it is more simply Will’s ceaseless admiration of college campuses that necessitated this stop.

Charles Town was a nice town to drive through albeit too hot to stop and walk the streets. We learned that “Charles Town was laid out in 1786 by Charles Washington, who donated the four corner lots at the intersection of George and Washington Streets for public buildings of the town and county. Charles died sometime between July and September, 1799, only a short while before the death of his brother, George.” Of course the big attraction to this town is the Charles Town Races, but we didn’t stop to enjoy the live thoroughbred racing this time through.

Then we headed for Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. I had so looked forward to hiking this town/park. However, as we drove into town the temperature had climbed into the 90’s with thick humidity hanging in the air (and my sciatica is still causing me a lot of pain) so we decided to simply drive the area in the comfort of our air-conditioning and see what we could by making brief stops at various kiosks along the way. I didn’t take any pictures (I was driving) but we did enjoy what we saw of this historic town/park and have decided that the next time we come to visit the kids (in COOLER weather) we will revisit this town/park and hike it thoroughly.

We are now settled into our RV site in Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton, VA, for fourteen days. We have enjoyed the last two days of visiting with our young newlyweds after they get off of work and look forward to spending more time with them this weekend. Their new townhouse (it is an old townhouse but new to them since they just moved in last week) in Old Town Alexandria is lovely (complete with hardwood floors and a fantastic kitchen). It does this mother’s heart good to see them so happy and living their dreams.

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