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Started out as a beautiful day






Coming into bad weather in Arixona



Home at last

After dropping the boys off at the airport yesterday, I checked into the Springhill Suites and Diane was there waiting for me. We relaxed for a half hour and then went to Enfield and had dinner at the Hazard Grille. Back at the hotel, we started our "pajama party". So much to talk about - so little time. We finally got to sleep at about 3am. We got up at 7, showered, had breakfast and before we knew it it was time to say goodbye. We both went out of our way to make this happen but it was well worth it. Diane tells me she probably will not be in Arizona until the first part of November - much later than I originally thought.

I put gas in the rental car, returned it, and got to the airport with an hour and fifteen minutes to spare. The plane left Hartford on time but there was a gate change in Atlanta which resulted in a HUGE walk for me to get my connection to Phoenix. This was not easy in sandals and lugging my bag without wheels ( why did I take THIS bag I kept asking myself). Got to the gate as the last people were boarding but ended up sitting on the plane for a long while. The pilot said we would make up the time in the air but what he couldn't have known was that Sky Harbor Airport was going to be shut down as we were approaching because of large thunderstorms with golf ball size hail( Owen's restaurant lost a couple of umbrellas and a metal roof flew off another building damaging 30 cars). We circled over Zuni for 40 minutes before finally landing. That's when I decided to take out my camera to photograph some of the pretty cloud formations passing me by.

Owen came to get me ( by now it was 7pm - 10 est) and we picked up dinner to take home.

I got back to my RV by 9:30, showered, and collapsed into my bed. This was a very long travel day.

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