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Record breaking temps for the past three days nearly broke me today. Owen and I left his apartment early to move me to Canyon Vista. It took longer than we planned to get the coach out of storage, and even longer than that to get level on site 360. I had the same trouble last year but was assured that the site had been leveled and ready for my arrival today. Owen and I tried to get level for a half an hour in blistering heat. I made 2 phone calls to the office asking for a different site or an appearance by the maintenance crew. Finally, a crew did show up and shovel some stones around so I could set up. It was exhausting and aggravating. Thank God for Owen.

After Owen left, I unloaded my car ( the suitcases and bags are all over the place), and did a little grocery shopping while the coach and the refrigerator cooled down. I got home, put some stuff away, and went out for coffee with Jim ( of Diane and Jim). Diane is in Massachusetts for a couple of weeks . This place is so deserted that Jim was thrilled to see a familiar face. It was good to see him too and hear about their summer in Glacier N.P.

I've got my work cut out for me tomorrow. Dust is everywhere and I can barely walk around in the coach .

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