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We farewelled Iran after a lazy day in Tehran. Farewelled our new ‘besties’ after having been together for 14 days and enjoyed their company so much.

Who knows, we may visit Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Thailand or even return to Iran one day to catch up with our most affable group members, and on the other hand, I’ve invited them all to Osprey Nest, Laurieton anyway for a sleepover. (Priscilla and Eddie, you guys may end up sleeping on the doormat when all my new friends come for a sleepover!)

I could discuss so many other aspects in regard to our time in Iran, however, I think it is time to wrap up this blog, before I really start to become boring. Many stories to tell.......

We had fun and games at the airport last night when we checked in for our midnight flight to Doha (Lorna think Porto crazy airport drama, however sans rude and uncooperative airline staff).

There was a complication with obtaining our luggage on arrival in Doha anyway Qatar airline staff more or less sorted it out efficiently and politely. We were then upgraded to business class, think French champagne, chilled Chardonnay, our first alcoholic drink in 3 weeks, personalised service and 3 course dinner even if it was at one o’ clock in the morning. Shame the flight was only 2 hours to enjoy such luxury.

Sadly it took us 2 hours to retrieve said luggage in Doha and finally arrived at hotel 3.30 am, my watch was incorrectly set so woke up at 5.45 am instead of 6.45 for our sand dune bashing adventure (not popular).

It was 32 degrees at 3 am this morning and is now 38 degrees (I know you are all freezing in Sydney but this ridiculous).

Anything we did after our Iranian experience was always going to be a let down, but I must say Doha is an extremely forgetful place, as was the sanddune bashing expedition.

We are now just waiting to fly home and time is going extremely slowly, the thought of that long flight ahead of us, not thrilling.

So the end of a big trip, a special trip, Iran, it’s history, sights, comeraderie and especially its Nation made a huge impact upon me.

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