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Doric Temple at Segesta

The temple seen from the road coming from the Roman Ampi

Roman Ampitheatre

Snails hibernating on cactus

View from funicular

Another full day and now we have arrived in Sardinia.

This morning we set off to be at the site of a Doric Temple in Segesta an archaeological site outside Palermo. The temple was never finished and was only started because the local people had appealed to Athens for help in a conflict with Siracusa and the temple was started to impress the Athenians. They in turn were quite happy to help as they were interested in gaining Siracusa. The twenty years of work begun BC remain today and nearby is a Roman Ampitheatre built high in the hills.

We returned to the medieval eyrie of Erica and took the funicular up to the top, a journey of about ten minutes rising 700metres. At the top I was surprised to find a village with winding streets and according to our guide 46 Churches.

This was our lunch spot and being early had the restaurant to ourselves. First course Pasta Nelson (nobody could explain the name) second course meat wrapped around a filling of minced ham and cheese served with a mushroom sauce plus roasted potatoes and spinach and then dessert- an almond rich semifreddo.

Back down the hill by the funicular to our waiting bus to take us to Trapani airport for a flight to Rome and then Cagliari.

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