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Great Barrier Reef from our flight to Lizard

Helen and Yates on our balcony

Toys Lizard Island Style

The pool

Yellow Spotted Monitor - these guys were everywhere

View from our dinner table

For the last three days, we've been on an island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef called Lizard Island. Its history dates back to Captain Cook, who after becoming stuck in the reef, sought out the highest peak he could find so that he could navigate his way out. Lizard Island and Cook's Look provided that vantage point. As you can guess from the name and the attached picture, there also happens to be a considerable number of large, albeit harmless, lizards as well.

To get here, we took another light aircraft from Cairns although after our Bamurru flight, the simple fact that this plane had two engines and seven seats made it feel downright spacious. The place is probably the nicest of any that we have stayed at although I would say it is likely more appropriate for honeymooners and couples than it is for a family of four. In fact, July is the only month in which they allow children. Needless to say, we've probably been a bit more disruptive than some of the guests would like.

With that being said, everything is oriented around the water and viewing the reef. To get our bearings, we took a glass bottom tour to the inner reef in Watson's Bay on our first day here and had a look at Clam Gardens. When I say these clams were 4 feet across, I'm not exaggerating - absolutely massive and very cool to look at. Pretty impressed in how they handle tours as well as they assigned us our own marine biologist to help us understand the reef itself.

If I had to point out one highlight of the place, aside from the beautiful surroundings and crystal clear water, it has to be the food. Meals are incredible and taken from a series of open air tables that overlook Anchor Bay. We've gotten into a nice routine each evening with a family game of Uno, some grown up drinks and then dinner.

As far as other activities, beyond the snorkeling which has been amazing, we've done some paddleboarding, hit the beach and the pool, taken a clear kayak out in the bay to see the reef, and played family tennis on the grass court that they have. Unfortunately, it has been too windy each day to take out one of the six dinghies they have and explore some of the other private beaches that surround the resort - apparently, a 6hp engine vs. the wind is not a fair contest and we'd end up in Papua New Guinea. Oh yeah, if you ask Shea, she'd probably tell you they have a pretty impressive spa too!

While we've had a nice time here and it's been ultra-relaxing, I think everyone is excited for Sydney. Be back to you when we arrive there.

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