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Mural on the end of a building along Larry's walk

Puyallup River Walk

River story

Native people still monitor the river

Salmon Screw Trap

Crossing into Tacoma

Tacoma is at the south end of Pudget Sound

Courthouse building

Artwork abounds

Not sure why this lady is walking with balloons tied to a...

Repurposed historical builidng

Cereal Miller building is marked as Historical

Chihuly Glass Museum

View from the water front

Courthouse and Union Station

Chihuly Glass Bridge over the Railroad Tracks

one of four panels



Crystal towers



More Chihuly in the Courthouse

Glass artwork in the pond in front of the bridge & Dome

At the Glass Museum

In the gift shop

Delicate light fixture

Beautiful, colorful Christmas tree balls

Map of Puget Sound

We are here at this inlet

Boats on Puget Sound

Spooky looking trees

Hidden artwork

Sports venue, the Dome

we passed by the Puyallup Tribal Cemetery

Oh, are you finally home?

We both did our morning walks, but Mt. Rainier was hidden behind the low clouds.

Larry found a River Walk and an interesting mural of a tunnel that was very lifelike.

We had lunch in the coach and then went touring. We drove into Tacoma to see the Chihully Glass Bridge and walk around by the Marina at the south end of Puget Sound.

Visit Chihuly Bridge of Glass herefor more information.

It was a mix of old and new and culture and entertainment. There was an old historical Cereal Mill building that was for "Loft Living".

When we returned to the lodge, we met our next door neighbors Ron & Carol Thompson, inviting them into the lodge for drinks in the bar. We had a great time with them both as stories were bantered about, especially by the men. We had a lot in common. Maybe they will join us next year going to Alaska.

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