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Arizona Marketplace

Date Grove

Flea Market Dancing

Flea Market

We needed to go get Candy a new phone since I dropped her phone in a sink full of water yesterday. At the Verizon store we picked up a thing they call a jetpack which will gives us wireless internet anywhere we have a phone signal. This will be nice since the Wi-Fi in so many campgrounds is real bad. Tried it as soon as we got back and it does work. That took us a couple of hours but Candy now has a cell phone again.

Our next stop will be the Arizona Marketplace, a big flea market. It was a very clean place and not very crowded when we were there. We did spend a little money but I was surprised that the prices were very different. Most of the time at Flea Markets the prices are mostly the same for the same thing at the different booths. That is not so here, you must shop around, one item I needed at one of the shops was $15.00, which was twice as expense as I can get for at home, but at another booth it was $8.00, same as home. It goes to show to shop around here. Even in Yuma there is Shipshewana items.

We got back to the motorhome and I had something I need to do so Candy decided to go get her hair cut, so off she went to get a haircut. That is an advantage of being close to town. The campground is located next to the local airport which also is home to Marine Corp Air Station Yuma. The Marines have a squadron of F35B’s and Harrier jet stationed here so there is a lot of landing and taking off for training. It can be very noisy since the flight path is right over the campground but after a bit you don’t even bother a person.

I have heard that there are a lot of dates grown in the area and come to find out there is a date grove behind the campground. I had never seen how they were grown, now I know. We will spend the rest of today at rest.

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