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This morning we were up early to take in the sights of Washington, D.C. We began by hunting down breakfast. We ate at Ollie's Trolley, it was interesting and I am sure we will never eat there again !

We started our walk to the White House. There were lots of tourists and it was pretty warm even though it was 9am. The White House was very white, tidy and had lovely gardens. Many of the buildings in dc were lovely but not as interesting as those in New York. We walked through the ellipse behind the White House to the Washington monument. Unfortunately it looked like a giant crane. It was covered in a blue support frame as an earthquake in 2011 had weakened the structure and it was being repaired.

There were many lovely monuments along the walk and several fascinating squirrels.

We went to the Abraham Lincoln memorial, it was huge and beautiful, the stone statue of Abraham was meticulous and gigantic. It was extremely busy though.

We visited the Martin Luther King memorial which was really well done. It was as if you walked through a stone mountain and came out at a giant statue of Martin Luther king surrounded by a wall with many of his statements carved in it. It overlooked the water, very nice.

We visited the WW II memorial which was well done, and area of water surrounded by stone walls with a dark carved wreath on each. Each wall represented different areas.

We then made our way to the National Museum of Natural History. I wanted to see the dinosaur and fossil exhibit. They were fantastic, it is amazing to think of what existed millions of years ago and to see specimens from them is really fascinating. We visited a live insect zoo and saw the ultimate wave 3d movie. It featured Kelly Slater chasing the ultimate wave in Tahiti.

We managed to fit all of this in before lunch. We ate at Cosi's, lovely fresh sandwiches and salads.

Next job was to find a suitcase for Brett. We headed to Macy's and most of them were 40% off which was a bonus. If you show our Australian passport you get a 10% off for a month card so we did well. We also brought Molly a new case

We went back to the hotel to pack up and get off our feet. It was about 8pm, it doesn't get dark until around 9pm so we had another late dinner and headed to bed.

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