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Roswell penny machine

Tough day for all of us on Monday while we were still in Roswell. Ed decided he was sick enough to go to an expedited health care facility due to just didn't feel like continuing the with the day as is. The doctor expedited two injections in his butt. One in each cheek. He picked up a bug and knock him on his butt since leaving Vegas. Virginia also was feeling bad, but was diagnosed add okay. Penny is starting to feel bad and we are hoping she'll do well. Cindy already had a bout of not feeling well least Friday. The girls did go to The Roswell area 51 Museum.

Add to this our original travel route I- 40 is still closed at this point we area heading south the keep out of the weather. We decided to make For Carlsbad, where the magnificent Caverns are located. Well, with the aforementioned conditions we made 58 miles total for the day and stayed the night In Artesia, NM.

THEN, We looked at Penny's trailer tires and they were wearing badly, results, two new trailer tires. $$$$$$.

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