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Amsterdam Coat of Arms--what do the 3 Xs mean??

Antique Skates (inserted for our only speed skater in the Family)

Blue Heron--Official Bird of Amsterdam

River Frieghter in Canal Locks

Yacht in Canal Locks


Fish by Picasso (in Vondel Park--Amsterdam's "Central Park")

Houseboats 1

Houseboats 2

Houseboats 3

Houseboats 4

Houseboats 5

Houseboats 6

Lath used to make Wooden Shoes

Local Beer

Wooden Shoes 1

Wooden Shoes 2

Olympic Rowing Lake--built for the 1928 Games hosted by Amsterdam

Postcard Moment

Classy Buskers


August 9, 2012

Tour du Farm

Today, we followed another tip from Lorne—we went on a 2nd Tour with Joy Ride Tours (the Country Ride). We actually biked 20 KM (don’t know the calories) but this brings up our total to 1720 KMS).

It was a great trip: it took us away from the touristy parts of Amsterdam and into the Country. We biked by areas where ordinary working people live and we biked by very large and expensive houseboats. We watched several boats cram into a canal lock to allow them to pass to the next stage of the canal.

We ended the Tour at a Farm, which makes cheese and wooden shoes. The cheese is made and then it sits for weeks in a barn like structure that is not refrigerated)—sort of like the eggs. This was very interesting except at the end, they trapped you in a gift shop trying to sell you cheese and (cheesy) wooden shoes. Lorne--you didn’t mention that part of the Tour.

In regard to the Amsterdam Coat of Arms, there are a number of theories as to what the 3 Xs stand for, but the most plausible one is that they stand for the 3 disasters that happened to the City: Fire (in the 16th Century almost every building was lost in a fire—today, there are only 2 wooden buildings in existence); Flood (it had been flooded many times in its early existence) and Disease (it suffered huge losses during the time of the Plague.

Al & Sue

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