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Ugly Bug Fly Shop

Ugly Bug Fly Shop

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Today is another great day. It is an easy one-hour ride to Casper. We see antelope. We know we are climbing. I watch our altitude on the GPS. BINGO. We hit 5280 feet. We are a mile high near Casper!

At the KOA, we have a long, long talk with the host. She tells us about Casper. She tells us about the direction we are headed.

I explain that we are going to the Grand Tetons but will miss Yellowstone because the passes are not open. “Yes, they are. We have had a very mild winter.” Her helper gets on the computer. The road to Yellowstone will be open May 11.

John says my eyes lit up. We are going to Yellowstone. It will be off-season. It will be perfect!

Back to Casper, we get directions to Wal-Mart. We need two tires. It has been our plan to replace them on the road. Now, seems like the right time. Wal-Mart sends us to Sam’s Club. We are members.

We are waiting in line. The man behind us asks, “What part of New Jersey are you from?” He is from Egg Harbor Township but now lives here. He is the ex-brother-in-law of good friends of ours. We call Tony and Louella. “There is someone here that wants to say hello.” We hand Mike the phone. What are the odds?

Mike asks where we are staying. We are at the KOA in Bar Nunn. “I live in Bar Nunn.” Who did not know that?

With our two new tires, we head to the Ugly Bug Fly Shop. The salesperson is wonderful. John asks many questions about the area fishing. It sounds like we are here at the right time. I ask about guides. We have a float trip set up for Monday!

Campground: Casper KOA

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