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Shopping at the local market for ingredients

Pumling paste

Fish Amok

Amok in thier banana skin parcels ready to steam for 20 mins

In goes the Baracuda

Preparing my lemongrass

Sizzle go the veg spring rolls

Da da my supper is prepared

Time to enjoy supper with my gorgeous man

Can't help the monk pics

Ah the babboo train - such a giggle

Giggle time - woo hoo

Sun was setting on the way back

Loving my star jumps


Here a bamboo train I made earlier

Sun set from tuk-tuk

Killing caves














Hello all,

We are in Battambang having a great time. Petrina has done a cooking class, we've ridden the Bamboo Train, visited the Killing Caves and wandered around town.

Hi, I don't know what happened to the rest of this entry but I'll re-write it.

Petrina's cooking class went exceptionally well. Not that I'm supprise (wink) hehe. No, it was delicious and a great treat. She had a big smile on here face when I arrived to gorge down her offerings (oh missus!). Anyway a great evening and some nice pics of the next winner of Comne Dine With Me Cambodia. I'm sure Petrina will recreate the meals for some of you when we come back.(If)......

Our visit to the Killing Caves was very humbling. What can you say, unreal yet it wasn't, some pics are posted up too, not a lot I can say, other than read the history if you are interested.

The Bamboo Train was the best fun. A rickety old flatbed abot 6x8 thundering along the tracks through countryside. Brilliant! The best bit is when you have to get off to make way for oncoming trains. The two drivers dismantle the lightest train and then reassemble it when the other has passed. Check the pics out. Tried to upload a video of it but no luck. We'll try again.

Much love C & P xx

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