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Grade 5

Hand-washing lesson

On my run...



The village kids LOVED Shaun, and would come running out to shake...



Okay, so Shaun and I were asked (by a school pinciple) to come visit his elementary school, and perhaps give "health talks". Hmmmmm.....

It was a fun adventure, with the school a good 9km out of town. SO...the principle arranged for two boys to come pick us up on their bicycles, and we would get a ride on the back. I couldn't help start giggling when a 10-year old boy (and couldn't be over 80lb) indicated for Shaun to get on the back of his bike...

It was SOOOOOOO funny, and I was giggling the whole way to the school.

We were quite the side-show for the villagers along the way; nobody out there was expecting a white wazungu on the back of the bike!

Anyhoo, we did eventually get our own bicycle, and Shaun would ride with me on the back every week.

So without further adieu, here are some pics of these fantastic kids.

I also included some pics of the kids we saw on our runs...

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