Eke and Brian are Costa Rica Dreamin' - April 2008 travel blog

Poas before the cloud closed in.

Brian and Ron.

One of the waterfalls at La Paz.



Butterfly Photo 1.

Butterfly Photo 2.

Butterfly Photo 3.

Butterfly Photo 4.

Butterfly Photo 5.

Hmmm. What kind is that?

Loading the local water-bus in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui.

Bats asleep on a log.

Fishing on the Sarapiqui.

Tiger heron on the riverbank.

Buenos Dias Everyone,

Today we took a day tour. We were picked up at 7.30am; a half hour later than they promised.

Our first stop was a view over a coffee plantation. Here in the highlands is the prefect conditon for growing coffee. Of course there was a shop where we could spend our money!

Also a perfect climate for growing strawberries.

Then it was breakfast which included of course the typical rice and beans, scrambled aggs, a piece of toast and always fresh fruit. The pineapple here is so sweet and juicy _ I will certainly miss that!

I was a little frustrated because I had read that to see the crater of the Poas volcano clearly it is necessary to be there before 10am = after that time the risk is great that the clouds cover everything. When we arrived at the volcano it was 10am. We saw the crater and the bright blue water in it for just two minutes - time enough to take two pictures and then the clouds moved in and we could not see anything. I am glad that at least we saw something, but it would have been nice to observe the rock formation there and watch the steam come of the water in the crater.

Another little stop was a shop where we were treated to an early 'dram' of coffee liqueur and sparkling wine!

Then it was on to La Paz Waterfall and Gardens. We saw very colourful toucans, a rainbow toucan, a chestnut mandibled toucan and other very beautiful ones. There was a whole enclosed garden with the most beautiful birds. The hummingbird garden was nice and the butterfly garden interesting = even though we had seen it before in Monteverde. All of these birds and butterflies do live in the wild in Costa Rica and several of them we had seen in the wild. Here we could study them a bit longer and from close up.

We saw snakes and monkeys and little marmosets.

Lunch was provided and plentiful.

After lunch it was a hike up and down to see the waterfalls. They were really worth seeing. Brian had trouble with his knees, but we enjoyed the power of nature.

The name of one of the waterfalls is La Paz.

From there we drove to Puerto Viejo Sarapiqui where we boarded a boat and floated down the river Sarapiqui for about 45 minutes. We had been there before when we travelled from Tortuguero to Rara Avis. Now the sun was shining and we just could relax.

Back to the bus and began the drive back to San Jose. Some of the time we drove in pouring rain. After all it was afternoon and the rainy season has started.

Back at the hotel at about 6pm. We were tired, rested, took a shower and went out to eat something. The restaurant where the rest of the group was was really busy so we went to another one and had a quiet dinner together.

Our last night in San Jose. Tomorrow our flight is leaving 1.15pm.

See you in Toronto!

Buenos Noches

Eke and Brian.

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