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Boat on the Mekong Delta

They do actually wear these hats

We were on this type of boat

The water level can rise by a couple of metres in the...

Aerials in the sky

Floating market at Ben Tre

Before heading to the islands we went to a rice candy factory

See the rice pop, hear how it crackles

We crossed a larger channel to get to the islands

Fishers fishing

Swimmers swimming

We were now on a canal between 2 of the islands

Eyes are painted on the boats to ward off evil spirits

One of the many bridges over a smaller canal

Photo from where we stopped for lunch on the first day

After lunch we went on the bike ride - locals loading a...

We then crossed another bigger channel to get to Vinh Long

After a short bus ride we got another boat to head to...

We stayed the night in Can Tho in a nice, small hotel

Sandbagged funeral parlour

Canal side market on the way to Can Tho

Washers washing

Walkers walking

Can Tho harbour

Can Tho market

Where you can buy your trees for Tet

And Denis ate snake satay for dinner, surprisingly it tastes like chicken

And we all drank snake wine

Floating market the next morning

Cabbage anyone ?

No thanks, but I'll take some of your root vegetables instead

On bigger boats they let you know what they are selling by...

Here they are selling watermelon

Next we headed to a rice vermicelli factory

Rice flour and water is cooked into big pancake type objects

They are then dried in the sun and cut into strands (explained...

Black bandana day at the rice wermicelli factory

Back in the boat for some more canal action

We went for a walk by the canals for a bit

Before heading back to Can Tho for lunch

Ho Chi Minh statue at Can Tho (looks like tin man from...

Which means Happy New Year and is pronounced Chuck Mung Nam Moi but you have to sort of shout it to get the pronounciation right. We have just got back from the 2 day Mekong trip where we saw lots of rivers, canals, boats, people going about their daily lives, rivers, canals, boats, more rivers and then some more boats. It was relaxing but not much variation. It would have been better to go just for one day or to go for a lot longer independently to get into the real countryside of the Delta. At points in the Delta the Mekong is 15km wide - what we thought was the other side were islands. An excellent thing we did do though was to get on bikes for an hour on one of the islands and cycle next to canals and over bridges onto other islands. It was a shame it wasn't for longer.

We got back to Ho Chi Minh City in time for the New Year celebrations. A superb fireworks display for 15 minutes at 12 o'clock - we saw this from the roof of our hotel, but Denis left the camera in the room. Then there was a party in our hotel with traditional food - pork, potato and bean stew, followed by fruit and sweeties, washed down with Vietnamese red wine. This doesn't taste bad when chilled and kept us going until 3 in the morning.

It was more like a proper New Year celebration than the real one we had in Thailand and everything the next day was really quiet until the evening when the young of Ho Chi Minh cruise round on their motorbikes for the night. We leave for Nha Trang on Saturday which is 8 hours up the coast by bus. We hope to go diving there or just sit on the beach or do both. Happy New Solid to one and all !

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