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Hi All,

Am in Panama at present. Arrived on Wednesday night. Sat on the left of plane and got to see the canal.

Only here for a few days -leave tomorrow to Venezuela. The flight to venezuela had a stopover in Panama so I said why not it is only about 100 dollars for the 3 nights. but it might be about 20 more in reality. not bad for one extra country.

Trying to find hotel in venezuela. I forgot it is a saturday night I will be staying so it will be hard to find a place- only started lokking yesterday - normally for friday or saturday I book 1 week in advance. might have to really splash out for the first night.

Once sorted will visit the canal entrance and then relax. that is all I came to see. not much more interesting.

I have to admit, I think I am being de-westernised.

How do you know if you have been in central america too long:

- You start thinking it is normal to throw all toilet paper in the basket and not the toilet.

- You automatically start speaking spanish when you meet someone.

- Large buidling scare you.

Panama city is supposedly the safest city in central america. It does feel safe as the streets are busy at night and the roads are clean and the atmosphere feels different. I have to admit though, there are huge skyscrapers here - almost like new york - and that makes me uncomfortable more than anything else.

Best regards


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