Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

Sleepy and tired in gorgeous Luang Prabang after 1 hours sleep!

Feet again!

Chilled out with Juliet in this great little cafe that overlooked this...

Fresh rolls good!

Dogs being weird!

The local market and O.A.P. slogging their guts out still, bless.

Wicked coloured doors.

Locals playing boules

What a photo! ...wish i'd taken it! ;-)

A local photographer took them and i saw these in his gallery.

Beautiful sleepy backstreets

Barbeque, gorgeous!

Street this and you really can't go wrong!

Our rather plush room, about $4 a night each!

Never going to tire of seeing monks wondering around!

Our favourite bakery...yes a bakery. So nice to eat some homely food!

...and then we'd go here for dinner

So touched by this lady, i took a photo of her and...

Australian wankers...sorry, but they really were.

The night market

Juliet and I spent so many of our evenings wandering around here,...

Don't know how they made a living though when you could buy...

oooohh! my albums that i had 12 made to store all my...

and this was the sweet family who spent 5 days doing nothing...

Even showed me them being made!

...and fed me!

Juliet and I - i love this photo. We just had such...

indulging ourselves using the pool for the day at a gorgeous hotel!

I love these orchids, you see them practically everywhere!

Phil on the bus with us back to Vientienne.

Spent a whole amazing week here but photos are all just clumped together...

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