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Offerings outside of the Emerald Buddha





Outside of the Wat Phra Kaew





The Emerald Buddha (through the window)

An Ornate Column


Ann resting at Wat Phra Kaew






Bear Harbor Makes Friends at the Palace

The Grand Palace most certainly lives up to its name! I had a field day there just shooting every angle I could. I think this place is every photographer's dream. Its eye-candy to be sure, the buildings sparkle and dazzle the beholder. I have been to Bangkok before in 1999 but this was just as much a treat as last time. I know I took some of the same photos that I already have but I just couldn't resist. I do hope you like looking at them as much as I do. So my last time here I was visiting my dear friend Debbie from England. Debbie is fluent in Thai and had lived here for some time so it was kind of like being with a local. But with the added benefit of having diplomatic license plates! I had such a great time during my last visit and I remember leaving feeling that this is a country that I could easily live in. I still feel that same way! Bangkok is such an incredible city. I'm not a big fan of huge cities like NY or LA but Bangkok is really fun. We stayed in the major shopping area in the center and walking around there we got to people watch a culture. The Thais have such a unique style to themselves that is different from many other Asian cultures. The teens all look like they would have been the cool kids in high school. The city is remarkably clean and bright. Its not a run down city although of course it is speckled with food stalls and make shift markets spaces. There are loads of westerners here and no wonder, its sooo easy to travel here. Toursim must be one of its biggest industries. Its a striking change to what we experienced in India. Both are unique and fantastic in their own right but so so different. I do wonder how India can struggle with such poverty and yet Bangkok feels 1st world. I have only been to major tourist sites in Thailand so I really can't speak to the interior but it seems like its got its act together. Comparing the two kind of reminds me of comparing Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Nicaragua, like India, has as much to offer but can't quite seem to get the package right. I guess I feel lucky that I've been able to experience both while they are still off the beaten track, or at least not overrun with tourists.

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