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Christmas tree from plastic bottles

Farrol Do Barra (fort)


Yesterday we walked into the old city centre which is where were staying. We needed to buy our catamaran tickets for Sunday to Morro de São Paulo. And post postcards. Walked and walked. We found the vernacular railway which takes you down yo the lower part of the city and the docks and Marina. We found the ticket office.......eventually. Then you've to choose which boat you want. That's chosen by times you choose to sail. We chose 10:30 am. It's a 2+ hour crossing and then we have to get a smaller boat to Gamboa beach which is where our hotel is. From here, we tried to find the post office which should be there but it's closed down. Using google maps we found another one....2 miles away. So off we go on a route march! Guy said we were wandering aimlessly but of course, we weren't. We're going to the post office. Get there.....they don't know where the UK is! Good job there was a customer who did! Then they didn't have enough change. Only needed 1 Reall! Then for the walk back! We thought we'd get the main lift back up, but the queue.... Was about 500 metres long if not longer so we found the one we'd used before and joined that queue which wasn't too long. We got a little burnt! Dinner again in pyro but I had fettuccini with Bol and Guy had grilled fish. We had the bread starter again. Beer.

Today we went to the beach at Barra do Forte. We went into the fort/lighthouse; half price because we're old farts! Cost 7.50 each, around £1.50? Got an Uber there! As soon as we got to the beach the clouds came out. We stayed for quite a while; we'd paid for sombrero and seats. Then we found a small cafe (yuk) and ordered beer and chips and a pizza for lunch; we won't be able to eat tonight until late we don't think because we're going to the theatre. The pizza base wasn't cooked properly so we really only ate half and the chippies and had a beer. Got an Uber back. Brilliant!

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