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We've Often Enjoyed Travelling Through Seattle But This Time Was A Little...

We Arrived At The Centurion Lounge Well After 8:00pm Only To Discover...

We'd Come To Expect Awesome Food At The Lounge, Like These Dishes,...



We were looking forward to spending a few comfortable hours in the Centurion Lounge at the Seattle airport, but to our dismay, the lounge was closing at 10:00pm and we didn’t reach it till well after 8:00. We’ve enjoyed their great food and drinks in the past, but the buffet was almost empty except for one hot dish, some salad fixings, ripple chips and salsa and only lemon cookies for dessert.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking you’d be happy with this as opposed to buying food out on the main concourse and having to sit in uncomfortable chairs. We should have been too, but it’s all about expectations, and we’d come to expect a lot from the Centurion Lounge after many past visits.

I was pleased that they had Prosecco on hand as usual, and Anil brought me a glass as I settled it. I had a little sip and then set it down while I plugged in my laptop to get started working on this journal. When I reached for the glass a few moments later, my foot stepped on the base of the pedestal table and suddenly my glass when flying through the air, cartwheeling towards us, throwing all the beverage on the sofa between us (and a little on my trousers) before smashing on the end of the metal table and breaking the stem clear off the glass.

Everyone turned in our direction and I threw up my hands in dismay. Now, I’ve been a klutz in the past and tipped over glasses by waving my hands in their direction, but this was different. When the attendant came rushing over, I showed him how the base of the table was missing one of its feet causing it to tip wildly when my foot stepped on it. It just so happened that the part missing the support was pointed right in my direction.

A supervisor was called over and I explained what happened and showed her the issue with the table. I think she might have been worried that I would cause a scene because of the wine on my clothes and the shards of glass all around me. The thought hadn’t crossed my mind – I was just worried they would out me as yet another klutz in their midst.

All was soon put right, I got a fresh glass of one of my favourite drinks, and a new table to place it on. The only downside of the whole event was that a lot of our relaxation time was eaten up with the clean-up and we were about to be ushered out of the lounge as it was closing and we still had almost two hours before it was time to board our flight.

Not the greatest start to a long 36-hour journey to India, but our issues were put into perspective as we following the unfolding news stories about the new corona virus that seemed to be spiraling out of control in China and into more and more countries outside its borders.


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