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Pumpkins galore

Between Ash Fork, AZ and Quartz Hill, CA there is a lot of empty desert and not much in the way of cities/towns. There are little clusters off the road but the biggest cities are Kingman, AZ and Barstow, CA. The interstate takes you past both of them very quickly. There were lots of trains the whole day – previous train issue remedied. I did “misjudge” the location of a gas stop and so Tom was getting a little worried as the E was on the north side of the gauge/arrow. But we arrived where I expected to arrive and we still had enough gas to get gas. The stop is Kramer Junction and it is a traffic mess. Anyone traveling this part of the road needs to get gas at one of three stations. They are not big stations and maneuvering the trailer took all of Tom’s skill. The stations sit on an intersection with a stop light that has no arrows so patience is a requirement to be followed by a prayer of thanks once you are on the road again.

We arrived at Denise’s house just in time for dinner. And we were thrilled to find that Mary Pat was joining us from Van Nuys. She drove up to ”save” us a stop later in the trip. Denise is a fabulous cook and we had red chili burritos and a great salad. Joe joined us so we had Denise, Tom, Mary Pat and Joe for our dinner companions. The weather was perfect so we were able to sit outside on their lovely patio while we ate.

Later in the evening Denise’s middle son, Charlie, came over for some home cooking and we all sat down to watch the Dodgers play Washington. The next morning Tom and I ran a couple of errands and then had lunch with Denise at home – she was on an extended lunch because she had to be the timekeeper at a girls volleyball game at the college. Tom W, Tom M and Pam went to the volleyball game and expressed all the frustration of real fans as our team lost.

Saturday was so much FUN. Denise’s three sons – Sam, Charlie and Joe (and his girlfriend Shiloh) – came to the house to visit and carve pumpkins. Tom and I did not carve but we did offer ideas and unsolicited opinions. Of course everyone won 1st place. The creator is just above his pumpkin in the photo. We had pizza for dinner and watched some more Dodger baseball.

Or original plan was to stay 2 nights at Denise’s because we always just stay 1 night. But I thought it would be nice to actually visit rather than just be in and out. Tom decided we would do 3 nights but did not communicate effectively with Denise. So we sprung another night on her and that was great because we would have missed the pumpkin carving, which would have been an experience lost to the hurry-up of life.

Sunday morning we departed Quartz Hill on the long road to Chico, CA.

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