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Short stop in Palm Springs

Montezuma's Well



We’ve been driving for 2 days and have done over 1000 kilometres so far. Not bad going.

We were very “focussed” in just getting the car from the Avis office back to the hotel. You could say “tense”; I prefer to say “focussed”. But that was nothing compared to driving out of LA.

Thankfully, Tamara volunteered to do the first drive. And thank goodness for GPS! I have no idea how someone would work out the spaghetti highways without it. But, we survived and made our way to Palm Springs where we took a lunch break, and then I took over and drove to Blyth where we stopped for petrol. Of course, getting petrol wasn’t straight forward. It seems to throw the attendants a bit when you want to pay cash.

Anyway, we then drove on to Scottsdale, a city or suburb outside of Phoenix. It was a very long day of driving, but it was certainly nice to have the pool and spa all to ourselves.

The weather has been really hot here. LA was hot and humid. Palm Springs, Scottsdale and here in Sedona have all been just hot. The aircon stays on all night.

Today were drove through amazing scenery – The Bell, The Courthouse – amazing rock formations here around Sedona. We’ll do a few more of these amazing sites tomorrow as we make our way to Flagstaff. I’m hoping that the light cloud cover clears tomorrow and we’ll be able to visit the Lowell Observatory.

People have been very friendly everywhere we’ve been, which has been great.

Oh, and a funny sign we saw yesterday.

Top part: State Prison next left.

Underneath: Do not stop for hitch-hikers.

Well duh!

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