Eke & Brian - Bangkok to Bali - 2016 travel blog

Nouvo City Hotel (Canal side)

Thai Telecom

Khaosan Road

Shall I get that tattooo that I have been thinking about?

OOPS! Not if it looks like this!

In out of the rain.

Street-corner "kitchen"

Ummm!!! Scorched rice!

A rare sight. Eke with a bottle in front of her.

We are up early, take a wonderful shower, and head down for breakfast. The breakfast is amazing with lots of choice: hot rice dishes, eggs any way that you want them, sausages, bread, yoghurt, fresh fruit, and of course sweets. It was not included in the accommodation price and was very pricey - approx. $26.00 for both of us.

Our hotel is recently renovated, our room is modern and comfortable, the shower is great and the water is hot!. The weather is overcast and it is raining hard for a while. We decide to take it very easy today; walk around a bit and sleep when we need to.

We did just that - walked to Khaosan Road where lots of people were setting up their booths for tonight's market. It poured again and we "fled" to a covered patio and had a cool drink. The heat is very oppressive and muggy.

When we came back to our room we read and took turns having a nap. Later in the afternoon we ventured out into the heat again and walked "around the block" literally.

We ended up at a bar restaurant called "The Cozy House at the corner of "our" street and had a drink on the patio. A patio is a fancy word for the tables and chairs put on the side walk. They make it more like a private space by putting big pots with plants and flowers at the ends. The streets look very green and it gives a homey atmosphere.

In this area is the hotel, restaurants and shopping area in the old part of the city.

Tonight we met our group members and our leader Tony. We introduced ourselves (Victor and Edith, a bit younger than us, living in California and originally from Peru, retired; Cheryl from the Bahamas and a lawyer; Louise from London England and originally from New Zealand, Yvonne from Dublin works in the health and safety administration and then yours truly. We are the seniors again in the group. The three single women are quite a bit younger with Yvonne and Louise in their twenties/early thirties.

After the meeting we all had dinner together in an open air restaurant. The food was very good and the service excellent. Back in our room we have been packing for the next two days. Tomorrow morning we go on a tour in long boats on the river and will be visiting the Wat Pho temple with a statue of the reclining Buddha - 46 meters long and 15 meters high. The afternoon is free to do what we like on our own. We are checking out of the hotel tomorrow morning before the tour and have a day room where we can store our backpacks. We pick them up at 5:00pm and leave at 5:30pm for the train station. We take the overnight train from Bangkok to Surat - 12 hours and we hope that we can sleep! We have to have some toiletries handy, some reading, clean underwear and shirt for the next day. Doing our ablutions in the train is always a challenge but not impossible!

You will hear all about the adventures for which we are preparin in a few days. We will have no internet access tomorrow and are busy the following day, so at the earliest you will hear from us in two days.

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