Larry & Cheryl's 2016 Travels travel blog

Crossing into Arizona

We finally made it to Quartzsite

Sunset over Quartzsite

Our evening campfire

Daisy enjoyed sitting out by the fire

We are off to Quartzsite. We stopped for lunch and to top off our fuel tank across the Colorado River at the Arizona border.

When we got to Quartzsite, we found where our friends, Bruce & Sue were camped north of town. After we parked our coach, we drove over to visit our friend Debbie, who is a flag vendor at the Main Place flea market area. We chatted and bought some new flags, then drove over to where we used to camp in on BLM Land.

Our past Quartzsite group was breaking up, but we got to visit with Anne & Gene and the others who were about to leave, having been there for a week already. We had also gotten a text from friends, Jim & Wendy from our Sailboat days that they were in Quartzsite, so we headed off to find their campsite. They had been traveling with another couple we know, Donna & Keith, whom we haven’t seen for a while, so it was a fun visit.

Then later back at camp, we sat around the campfire until late. We haven't had a campfire in a long time, and Daisy even loved sitting outside with us.

The next day, we went over to the Big Tent (RV Show) to see the vendors. Nothing really new, but we did manage a couple small purchases of a dog collar and some hardware for the coach. We came back to camp to relax and read. There was a Happy hour circle (no fire yet), then everyone went in for dinner in their rigs. The campfire was started but we didn't stay out as late tonight because it was a much colder night.

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