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View from room in Antigua, Guatemala

A favorite place at Potters Field, Antigua

Icky hand infection

I had a great night's sleep and woke up with hopes that my hands were looking better. They really weren't, but I felt that the pain wasn't as bad.

The morning view out my window was awesome, although there is a lot of traffic noise from the road below.

I had thoughts of trying to find a breakfast restaurant that I went to last time I was here. After a shower and dressing I went downstairs with Mike (to the living room/dining area) and we chatted about walking into town. Amanda was ready to get going at this point so as we left the house, Mike was standing at the gate ready for our walk. Amanda had different plans on driving into town in the car, so Mike and Amanda drove and I went on my walk. Of course I made a few wrong turns before getting to where I thought the place used to be. Couldn't find it so I opted for a small place that had comida tipica. Scrambled eggs, black beans, and some green stuff that I wasn't quite sure of. It was ok but not a do over.

My plan was to then walk over to the Artisan Market then to the Potters Field hacienda. Again I made a few wrong turns but found both places. However by this time it was getting pretty hot and my feet were feeling it. It was like a oasis to get to the hacienda. Unfortunately Brooke was not there but I visited with Matt for a few moments. He was busy with a Kids Day - and a mission team in from California. The kids were having a blast and I sat in one of my favorite places and watched. I tried to take a picture of feeding hummingbirds around me but they kept disappearing when I got the camera out.

When it was time for the kids to have lunch I headed out and decided to venture over to the San Francisco cathedral. I texted Amanda to see if they wanted to meet me there but her plan was to go to the supermercado then on to some village. I was interested in going but wanted to take a bit of a rest first after my 4 mile trek. I was hot and sweaty and my hands hurt - probably not wise to be out in the sun either.

On the way to San Francisco I ran into Mimi - one of the kids that was in the ESL class last October. She didn't remember any English but she did remember me and we chatted briefly about how she was and she asked about Michelle and Tony and the rest of our team. She wasn't sure about going to church on Sunday - I will ask Brooke about that tomorrow. I also walked by the Cafe No Se on my way, and it is very close to the city exist to the house.

I walked back and arrived about 10 minutes before Amanda and Mike returned. They were planning to leave immediately and since I was not ready to leave right then they went on without me.

As I was resting I felt that the rash/blisters on my hands were worse than before. I am going to pursue the possibility of returning to the states since it looks and feels to be something that's going to make me miserable and I do not want to be away from home if I need to get additional medical treatment.

I was going to wait to determine whether to go to the hospital or not in the morning depending on whether the rash appeared on my face. Amanda and Mike overruled me and Amanda took me to the Antigua hospital. The doctor just looked at the rash, asked about the originating problem (poison ivy on my leg), looked at it and recommended admitting me into the hospital for intravenous antibiotics for 1 or 2 days. I did not want to be admitted and worked with the travel insurance company to get me home. They needed to review the medical records first with their doctors, and they even called the hospital to talk to the doctor. BTW - the doctor spoke no English and I did pretty well explaining to him the situation in Spanish. Unfortunately there was a final "fitness to fly" form that the doctor needed to fill out that he didn't have while I was there. So I was told I needed to return to the hospital to get my vitals and form filled before they would arrange flight home. After several calls and emails we all went to bed and called it a night with plans for me to return to the hospital first thing in the morning.

Fun time on vacation!

After the hospital visit, Amanda and I did stop for dinner at a Fusion restaurant. I ordered a filet with one glass of red wine. It was the best meal I've had on vacation so far.

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