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A leisurely start with Tracey our good neighbour taking us to Murray's Busline for the 1200hrs bus to Sydney International Airport. We departed on time from Jolimont and the weather was cool and overcast.

Check in, immigration and security at the airport is now routine and following a Macca's Wrap we awaited at Gate 61, crowd watching, until boarding for our 1800hrs take off.

The transfer in Singapore was rushed and we had barely enough time to move from T1 to T3 ,using the shuttle, to meet Jan, who had also hurriedly boarded. We departed at 0110hrs arriving at Heathrow at 0740hrs. The planned 13 hrs 10 min flight was smooth - the selection of good movies appears to be dwindling and more time than usual was spent eating, dozing and consuming non alcoholic fluids.

First impressions of Heathrow were good. Modern and spacious with very lengthy walkways. Immigration lines were long and were well controlled. Baggage delivery was sporadic - we cleared quickly but had to wait sometime for the last delivery for Jan's bag. While waiting, I confirmed in my own mind not to use Travelex as the FX rates are well below the official rates - they offer convenience only. Customs were also cleared without problem.

It took a little time to establish that Avis did not have a working office at the terminal and an Avis shuttle bus from Bay 8 at the bus terminal was required to reach their depot nearby. Picking up the car presented no problems and with our black Mondeo station wagon, not the Audi I was expecting, we departed Heathrow at 1000 hrs for the 3.5hr drive to York. Clearing the city was very easy and driving on the right side of the road for once was quite pleasant. The motorways were in heavy use and the city bound traffic was deadlocked in several places. We made a refreshment stop at one of the few Traveller Stops on the way which turned out to be essential as I started to feel the effects of the last few days of limited/no sleep.

We arrived in York and at Bishop's B&B at 1345hrs, despite the traffic which on reflection flowed very well for the direction we were travelling. The check in was very British B&B hospitality; our room is on the top floor with a view of the road.

I showed and changed while the girls organised themselves for our 3 night stay.

At 1515hrs we departed the B&B for a walk into town. We wandered Micklegate Road taking an initial pub stop at the Punch Bowl before the Bar/Gate where I tried a local beer and the girls had a wine. Kaye was put off by a patron who couldn't take his eyes from her.

We continued our stroll to the Ouse Bridge while checking on restaurants for an early dinner. We did not intend to explore extensively and settled on the Priory Pub for a wine before dinner. At 1800hrs we decided on Indian, Kaye choosing the

restaurant based on the bright colours and the "bling". Our chosen dishes were different to our regular choices - chicken marsala was " jaundice" in colour and flavour, the lamb was exceptionally spicy. The single giant Naan was a point of difference - looked good, cooled quickly but not a great winner. We have since concluded our choice was not the best in town and have since spotted several in the area of the Shambles appearing much nicer and better rated.

After dinner, we returned direct to the B&B and predictably, we were in bed and asleep by 2100hrs.

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