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Newport Aquarium

The kids

Big Turtle

Big Mike the alligator 14 feet long

White alligator

Tom + Chee, Shark Tank


Ball Park

Ball Park 2


Great American Ball Park

Today will be the Newport Aquarium and Ride the Ducks. We are driving out the drive way and Candy remembers that we need the confirmation numbers for the Ride the Ducks and it is laying on the table back at the motorhome, so turn around we do to retrieve the paper with the confirmation numbers. Now we are finally south bound on I-71 heading to Newport Kentucky. I thought we would be in some heavy traffic with everyone going to work, but guess everyone is at work by 10 am in the morning. I is a great drive because you get on I-471 at the start of Cincinnati which takes you across the Ohio River and the exit is at the Newport Aquarium.

The Newport Aquarium is located in the Newport on the Levee which is refurbished waterfront building with several shops and restaurants located on a 3 block area. The parking garage is located under the shops below ground which does surprise me being so close to the river, water table. They must have it under control because we were parked below street level with everything above us.

The Newport Aquarium is well worth the trip to see. They have just about any fish you can think of from sharks to piranha fish with turtle, penguins, and alligators. The turtle you see in the picture weighs around 500 pounds and he was rescued from the see as a smaller turtle and brought back to health. He has been at the aquarium so long that now they can’t put him back in the sea, he has a home now for the rest of his natural life. They also have Mike the Big Alligator which is 14 feet long that was caught in Florida a few years ago. There were a couple of white alligators on display, didn’t know there was such an animal. All in all it was very interesting to tour plus the kids got to pet a shark.

Tom + Chee’s is famous because it was on Shark Tank looking for money. They specialize in cheese sandwiches, and reading about them, there franchises are showing up all over the United States. We had lunch there and it was all right.

Our next experience was to Ride the Ducks, old World War 2 amphibious vehicles. They take you for a ride in downtown Cincinnati, Newport and into the Ohio River. As you see by the pictures, some different shots of places from the river. The kids had never done this, so it was quite a thrill for them to drive into the river.

After that it was time to head back to the motorhome for the evening. Sure was better getting back early instead of like last night at 11 pm. It was supper time, shower time and the bedtime.

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