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Dale wanted the truck is the picture with the lake?? (maybe to...

Summersville lake Great view but no access in this park

Closer view

The budding lighthouse

This will be the top with the observation platform There will be...

Moved to Summersville Lake Resort today. We will be here 2 nights. It was only an hour and a half drive so we took our time leaving Bulltown. We got here around 2 and spent the afernoon checking email, cooking steaks, and looking at the lake. People next to us are from Florida escaping the heat (of course here it's a high of 90 today and tomorrow). They are on their way to Gettysburg next and had lots of information on the area of Georgia we will be going to eventually.

I have included pictures of the lighthouse going up. The owner was talking to a guy staying here who builds those hugh windmills. The owner was joking about how he could build a lighthouse if he had one of those windmill posts. Next thing you know he has one (it fell down a mountain and they couldn't use it for the windmill but was pretty much undamaged). So they are building a lighthouse. It has a spiral staircase inside and a platform at the top. It will be the "best view" in the area.

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