Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

Tenibac Company

Ed, John Gusmano & Cindy

Cindy next to 1 of the cameras used for imaging

John's acid etched fingers

We started Cindy's Cents in 2006 when we bought several machines from Jim Singleton from West Virginia. Jim told us he had his dies engraved at a place in Michigan called "Tenibac". Since our 1st contact with Tenibac we have had approximately 30 dies engraved for our penny machines. Our contact was usually via emails and some phone calls to and from "John". Over the years we have come to learn Tenibac is owned by the Gusmano family and John Gusmano is a 3rd generation family member working there. Cindy sent an email to John a couple weeks ago and told him we were coming through the area and asked to tour the facility. Wow did he welcome us with a grand tour of the Tenibac and the world of acid etching. John, who has been an employee of the company for over 22 years spent well over an hour explaining the acid etching process, introducing us to his uncle the CEO, his cousin a shop forman, his son an employee and all of the other employees of the company. Cindy had just sent an order for 4 more engravings which we picked up during the tour. John just finished the acid etching engravings that morning. However, during the etching process, where they use varying strengths of ACIDS, John's gloves leaked some of the acid onto his fingers. He said his fingers will turn black for a couple weeks as you can see from the photos he sent us. We signed for our engraved stock and hit the road for Frankenmuth about 12 noon.

On the trip up the Interstate, I saw at least 1 sign indicating a highwat tunnel to our neighbor to the north - Canada! Wait a minute, our Northern Borders; the Government builds tunnels into another Country, but in on the Southern Borders the Government seeks them out and destroys them! Just a little reality check there from ED.

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