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The Big GOOSE in Wawa

We arrived at our third stop - The Imperial Motel. Imperial may be a slight over-statement. It is two story motel in FRONT of an ESSO gas station. Reports of previous customers indicate that the Italian Restaurant downstairs is very good. Because we are traveling with Poko (who tends to bark when left as he has "separation anxiety") Hoppy is ordering take out for tonight.

The drive up from Michigan was beautiful. We stopped at Wawa, where a friend has a cabin about 20 miles east. The cabin next door is for sale - two bedroom, with indoor plumbing (very important!). It looks out onto Whitefish Lake. Beautiful and very peaceful. The only drawback is the around eight hour trip from Michigan to the cabin. The cost is reasonable so we may be looking for investors. Our lunch today was a Subway sandwich - Hoppy forget to order my iced tea AND forgot to stop at the rest area for lunch. He was too busy looking for the goose (see picture)to get a picture for the journal and forgot entirely about the lunch. I HAD not - we ended up pulling off the road at a side road and eating our singular turkey breast sandwich - no iced tea, no Fritos, no cookie . . .

Tomorrow we head to Thunder Bay and are considering adding the extra 200 miles to go around Lake Superior on the North. If today's scenery is an indication of what we will see there, I vote to go the extra miles.

Hoppy say's: Lola described the trip up to Terace Bay pretty well. The cottage near Wawa belongs to Don Plowman (Flint / and the cabin next door is for sale. All we need is 5 investors at 10K and we are in. A condo club all our own.

The Imperial Motel and Drifters restaurant is in terrace bay, from one to five, the exterior is a one, the room a three and the restaurant a five+, very good food and we had a Chicken salad and a bottle of Niagra Penninsula Palatine Hills Red with a screw top and paper cups, Thats camping !Surprisingly the wine was VERY good, salad to die for.

The bottle of Chevas Regal we bought in Marathon, Ont. helped get over the shock of the looks of the Motel.

PS; Wawa is looking to replace the town Goose and is having a fund raiser to help. Send a text to GOOSE ME WAWA and they will send you fifty cents. So far they are in the hole and don't know why.

Heading west tomorrow. Crap,

Now the free stops, this trip planner won't let me upload any more photos until we UPGRADE from the free to thier charge. Let me think about this tonight and will MABY add more photos tomorrow. Otherwise I will email you all lots of photos and more of my drivel.

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