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Jens tasty spud (I didnt try it - resembles something healthy)

the actually have blankets out incase it gets to cold to sit...

The Pontiac

Marie took Jen to the doctor and has to go back at 3:30 to see her again. Put our plans back a bit to see Jens dad as we were originally planning to be there at 3. Marie and Michael got the Pontiac

out and we went for a drive to their shopping centre so Jen could have one of these tasty spuds that she goes on about at home all the time. Not really seeing to much at the shops that I like and there isn’t really too many brands that I recongnize either. Anyway, the Pontiac is great and Micheal loves driving it FAST. They don’t get it out very often so it was a bit of a treat.

Jen went and saw her doctor and is now on antibiotics. We drove down and met her dad and step mother. They are divorced but are back together again. He was playing music in his unit and nearly every song that came on I was thinking – Dad likes this song. I thing they would get on great as he also loves his karaoke and goes out to do it often. We all walked into the local town and went to a pub for tea. Jen had tried to organize with a few of her friends to catch up with them there but disappointingly no one showed. After dinner we wandered around a bit more having a look around at the different shops. It was still light out but was like 9pm at night. We stopped in at another place for a drink and Jens Dad and step mum left. Its surprising how quiet it is out on a Friday night but Jen says its because they all stay at home drinking till about 11pm then come out as its quiet expensive. Jen did however see a girl that she met that came to Australia to study and we joined their group for a drink. Every one is very friendly here and all try very hard to make an effort to talk to me in English. We headed back to Jens dads place and stayed there the night (he had gone to stay at jens step mums place.

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