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Cottonwood RV park Bluff, Utah

Our Campsite

Cottonwood Steak House, The 'Old West'.

Cottonwood Steak House

We left Overgaard this morning knowing it was going to be a windy day and hoped we could get ahead of the wind that was suppose to come through northern Arizona. It was 35 degrees when we left. We got off to a good start, and hit the wind about an hour into our trip. Then we hit rain with wind and drove as far as Bluff, Utah.

We are staying 2 nights at the Cottonwood RV park. Tomorrow we will explore Monument Valley and the surrounding area. Had dinner at the Cottonwood Steak House. Yummy Brisket and a fun western style restaurant. They had tombstones outside for people that didn't tip.

Mileage: 27,753

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