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Pork and potatoes

Some of my classmates making salsa and quacamole

Me and some classmates


Chicken buses

My room for the evening

View from my room

Courtyard of hotel


This street was a river the night before



Lake Atitlan

Boat dock

Side street

More mountains

Volcanoes in backround

Chicken bus.This is nothing,the bus before was way more crowded


I have'nt posted in a while cause most everyday has been the same this week.Class,gym ,salsa.Now obviously I have done more than that but I don't want to bore you any longer with my daily events.Friday night we had a little bbq with some of my classmates and instuctors.Not your regular type bbg but still fun.I had to volunteer my services for the evening while some of the other students made quacamole and salsa.Everything turned out real good and we all had fun.After the bbg we headed to a bar and played some pool and fooseball.After a few more hours of drinking I decided to head home so I can get a little rest before my solo trip to San Pedro.

Morning was upon me before I knew it so I decided to grab a bite to eat and catch a bus to the bus terminal about 20 minutes away.When I arrived near the terminal I had to make my way through a huge market.When I got to the bus terminal I had to locate a bus to San Pedro.There was a shit load of buses but I finally found one that I thought would take me directly to San Pedro.Well after about 2 hours on the bus the drivers helper told me that this was my stop.Now mind you I thought I was on a direct bus to San Pedro,but with my limited Spanish vocabulary I couldn't tell him what I wanted t say.So now I'm in the middle of nowhere,not knowing where the hell San Pedro is from where I am so I start getting a little nervous.A few buses had come and gone but none to San Pedro.About a half hour later I find one again that I think will take me to San Pedro.Wrong again.This one took me to Guatemala City.Now I knew I was headed there after a while so I just went for the ride and I figured I'd catch one back to San Pedro in the city.My trip to San Pedro should have only taken about 3 hours and now I've been on a bus for about 5.I get to Guatemala City and this time find a bus that is going to San Pedro but it's still about a 4 hour trip.Now if you've never been on a chicken bus they are refurbished school buses that they fill to the rim.Plus the drivers are fearless and drive the bus like it's a racecar.Fast forward about 4 hours I finally arrive in San Pedro in the pouring rain about 730pm.Now I have no idea where I am or where I'm staying so I wander around in the pouring rain until I found the first hotel I would call home for the evening.The place was 25q or about 3 US Dollars per night.It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I just wanted out of the rain and a place to sleep besides the street that evening.I get changed into some try clothes and venture off to find a bar my teacher had told me about.I got some directions on how to get there and was on my way.As I'm walking down the street I pass an old gentleman who was leaving a bar and I asked if I was on the right track for the Budda Bar.He then replies that the place had closed years ago so I dedided to check out the one he had just left.Fast forward a few beers I find out the old man had lied to me.He has a local paper and the owner of Budda Bar wont advertise with him and that's why he said what he said.I also ran into this German dude from my class that was there for the weekend.Fast forward a few more hours and it's time for the bar to close.Now by this time I had made friends with some people and got invited back to one of their houses for more drinking and some G rated stuff I prefer not to share.Before I knew it,it was 430am and raining again so I decided to bail for some much needed rest.

I had to check out by 1030am so I had to get a move on.I took a quick shower and packed my bags and was on my way.Now that it was light out I was able to see the lake and the mountains finally.My pictures really don't do this place any justice but it's very pretty.I wandered around for a little bit taking some pictures and looking for a place to eat.After breakfast I decided to head to look for a bus back to Xela cause it looked like more rain and I didn't have anymore dry clothes.I found a bus back to Xela and there are some girls I know from Xela headed back there so atleast I didn't have to sit next to some sweaty dude this time.San Pedro is really nice and I may head back there in about 2 weeks and stay for a bit.Now the bus ride back to Xela was uneventful and took about 3 hours in total.I kinda just chilled the rest of the day and reflected on the weekend.Well it's back to groundhog day tomorrow.Adios!

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