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On the road...

Our arrival in Memphis. (Who's that I can see in the mirror?)

Elvis's front room - tasteful

Mirrored ceiling in his lounge .... mmmmm nice

Down in the Jungle Room - complete with indoor waterfall

Not entirely sure who this guy is ... but there were lots...




Who lives in a house like this?




Roland wants this car...



Elvis's private plane complete with 24 carat gold seatbelt buckles.... Not dissimilar...



Singing the blues on Beale Street

Monday we took to the road - and how. We had decided to go the scenic route which was definitely very pretty in parts through the Ozarks mountains and lots of woodland, but it was a long old drive. 11 hours later we arrived in Memphis, with the sun setting picturesquely behind us.

We're staying in a slightly unusual place - a hostel within a Church. It's all very friendly and relaxed, but in return for dead cheap rates, you have to do a daily chore! I was able to choose mine yesterday so sensibly opted for something not too strenuous...

Went to pay homage to The King yesterday (Tuesday) at Graceland. We both enjoyed the tour - enough interesting info on his extraordinary life but without drowning non-Elvis devotees in too much detail. Graceland itself is smaller than we'd both imagined - but the 70s kitsch decor did not disappoint. And I was surprised to feel a little moved at his gravesite - I think we'll have to play a little Elvis to help us along on our next long journey...

After a lazy afternoon in a local park, we continued the musical theme by checking out a few live music bars in Beale Street which was all good fun. And carrying on our non-US food theme - had delicious Japanese food (so far - Vietnamese, German, Greek, Middle Eastern...we're holding off on the burgers as long as possible - we'd like not to have to get winched out of the US)

The campsite we were planning to stay in in Nashville (no, not camping silly - a nice cosy little log cabin!) is currently submerged under water, so not quite what we had in mind. The weather is much better there now though so we're still planning to head there tomorrow - just perhaps seeking accommodation in slightly more robust surroundings!

Today, for our last day in Memphis we're going to the National Civil Rights museum and then to Sun studios where Elvis recorded his first single and, aged 18, in answer to the question 'Who do you sound like?', replied; 'I don't sound like no-one,'. Very cool.

Hope all well with you. We hear the volcanic ash is back so hope that doesn't cause too much trouble to travel plans.

Love to all - having problems with uploading photos at the mo, we will add them as soon as we can.

Helene and Roland xxx

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