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Walking into Las Sepulturas in the fresh early morning

Las Sepulturas Ruins in the light of early morning

Why & what does this signify?


Our tour leader, David, contemplating how to answer another question.

Money changer - see his stack under his arm - at Guatmala...


Lunch time

Metropolitana Cathedral

The Plaza Mayor (city square)

The Parque del Centenario (The central park) & the Palacio Nacional





Yurri'ta - the church built to stop the vocano


Day 3 started with a buffet of a mix of Central American and US foods. We are getting spoiled with the fresh fruit we get for our breakfasts. It includes fresh pineapple, papa, melon, watermelon and sometimes strawberries that we should not eat because they are not pealed.

Our first stop was at Las Sepulturas located about 2 km from the Great Plaza at Copa’s Ruins. It is believed to have been a major residential neighborhood reserved for Copa’n’s elite. We were encouraged to find a spot and decide why it was built and how it was used. “Some fun”. The walk through the woods early in the morning and the early sun highlighting the ruins was unbeatable. Our trip leader David, made the otherwise long uninteresting trip from Copa’n to Guatemala City interesting by bring up controversial subjects. First, his take on why so many Central American people get involved in drugs, and then how can we put an end to it. How would you put an end to it? Next, his views on the rich verse the poor. We have covered so many controversial subjects that our heads are spinning. In spite of some extreme subjects, there has been no dissention among us and each has been able to express his or her own opinion.

When we arrived in Guatemala City we took a short tour stopping at two churches – the Metropolitan Cathedral and a unique one built by a private family. The stately blue domed, earthquake resistant cathedral was completed in 1868 having been started in 1786. The neoclassical structure inspires both austerity and awe. The Yurreta church was built by family when a volcano erupted and the family pledged to build a church if God stopped it. It did!

After dinner at a Guatemalan Restaurant we retired to our room in the comfortable Hotel Stofella.

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