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We later came to call this one Larry. He seemed happy to...

This ain´t nothin´ compared to what we looked like out in the...

Our little place in San Jose (night 2) - a big improvement....

"Buenas!" everyone. It is now Saturday, December 18th and we are exactly one week into our voyage. For the sake of sparing you your precious time, we will fast forward a bit from where we left you the baggage claim. After a long 36 hours (approximately) we recieved our bags from United Airlines. During that time we attempted to explore San Jose as much as possible. The first step was to quickly find a new place to stay, as our accomodations the first night in San Jose were a bit suspect. After locating "Tranquilo Backpackers," we settled ourselves in for a couple nights, and rested amongst numerous other young travelers. Had it not been for our lost luggage, we would most likely have exited San Jose after one night, for it seemed a bit less than enchanting.. a bit dirty and dense with people and fast food joints. We did however experience a "snowfall," San Jose style as we meandered down Avenida Central and were showered with white confetti during their annual festival for Navidad. Thousands of folks, ticos and gringos alike held bags of confetti, and threw handfuls at the most unsuspecting of people as they passed- it truly did look like a snowfall.

Having truly enjoyed an authentic paper blizzard we were thrilled to get some good food, a couple of beers, and head back to the hostel to see if our bags had arrived. No luck, but still we go to bed feeling sure (relatively so) thar our bags will arrive in the morning and we might be off. We begin making primary (and secondary) plans for what to do next with positive hopes for United to pull through.

We wake Tuesday morning with mixed feelings. Our bags have still not arrived, and after a frustrating morning of attempted communication with automated operators we find out that our bags are sitting in the airport with a little tag in spanish that reads, ¨Mandy and Jon - Will pick up.¨ We are happy to know where the bags are, but obviously bummed that they´re not where we want them. After a few more phone calls we make arrangements, at no expense to ourselves, to have the bags delivered to Tranquilo.

Now, confronted with the quenching of our primary desire, we make a quick plan on where to make off to when our luggage arrives. The day is already half over - should we hold down another night in San Jose, make a plan, and start off in the morning, or should we make a mad dash tonight and get the ball rolling?

Our bags arrive in a shiny red cab, and after a quick check through to make sure all is where it ought to be, we throw our packs on our backs and leave off for the bus station. Destination - westward, to the Pacific Coast and the Nicoya Peninsula.

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