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HongKong from the Peak

Helen at the Peak

We landed in Hong Kong 7.36 am....Everything went seamlessly. It was the easiest processing I’ve ever seen at an airport.

Very quick, very efficient. The plane trip though was a bit different than the standard to which we’d become accustomed with Singapore Airlines.

This time we flew with Cathay.

As we walked in, they sprayed us with oil so they could fit more of us in. When the sardines were all lined up we headed off. We should have known when they took more than 30 mins to get us a drink after the seatbelt sign went off.

They didn’t even give us any water throughout the night, but did feed us the most amazing pepper beef ‘stirfry’ I’ve ever eaten. I think they tipped a whole tin of pepper into the meal.... it was verging on unpleasant!

And... the seats didn’t recline.... ummm.... bugger!!!!!

Kevin got a golden shower from an air hostess... he had apple juice tipped all over him.

In the morning they served nuked croissants and told us they didn’t think they would have time to serve any tea or coffee.

Anyway, the flight itself was ok, even though we were in the middle of the Philippine typhoon and we had the seatbelt sign on for most of the trip.

So, we were met at the airport by our guide and dropped at the hotel. (We went over the longest suspension bridge in the world... the US must hate that!)

When we got to the motel as it was still v early, they only had one room ready, so we all piled into the same room and showered. We thought we were hot, tired and sticky before the shower, but within 5 mins of being on the street we really knew what hot, tired and sticky felt like. It was 32 degrees and 57% humidity! Hong Kong is very clean, they have street hygienists sweeping everywhere. None of the cars toot. Its like watching tv on mute. Weird but good. Not like Egypt where tooting, screaming and swearing at people were mandatory.

We saw something in the shops I wanted a picture of, but we weren’t able to get one.

Prophylactics... claimed to be worlds thinnest.... and 'made to fit your head'.

Hmmm.. so have I been mucking that up all this time???

We sussed out the main drag and shopped. We found a nice place for lunch.... we had 4 round eye specials.... The maitre d’ kind of directed us to the anglicised version of the food. It was nice food... but the beer was... ordinary... I had the chinese beer... it was sort of warm, sort of flat, sort of sweet... and sort of............. ordinary.

Later on we headed into Starbucks for a cool drink and to rest for a bit. The boys and I had frappaccinos.... That amused us mightly as we made all kinds of frap jokes...

What the frap... frap on... full of frap etc.

I told you we were tired! Hmmm....That could be about the time that we realised frappaccinos are full of crushed ice! Oh Frap! There goes the bit about not drinking their water....

We rested a bit for a while and then had a drink by the fishpond. Beautiful koi carp and turtles.

Then on our way out web were stopped in the lobby by a European looking guy with a child and an Australian accent who asked us if we were going back to Australia. Apparently he had filled a prescription for his father and it needed to get urgently back to him in Sydney.... What a strange thing hey.. to go all the way to HongKong o fill a script for your dad who is in Sydney... Funnily enough 25 years in a HongKong prison didnt appeal to any of us so we politely said gee we were sorry for his plight and moved on... We looked at each other and we still don’t think any of us look like mules... (Smart)Asses maybe, and Ive been a donkey a couple of times, but never a mule!

We headed off again to the night market, took the subway to the the laser sound and light show and taxi back for more night market. It was so hot and sticky... We were totally frapped, I mean stuffed.

Kevin bought a matrix watch, I bought 3 more dual face watches (I’m lovin’em Mardi – they are exactly the same!), Helen and David bought nothing! I also got a couple of trinkets and some extra glasses cases to house my 7 different pairs of glasses......

So- eventually back to the motel where David ate the hugest... HUGEST beef burger with the lot with extra with more... and chips and wedges.....

I had the most magnificent duck curry I’ve ever eaten.

I think we were all asleep within 10 secs of hitting the pillows.

The next morning it was up and out early for the Hong Kong ½ day tour. The guide David was a really funny guy... obviously has spent lots of time with Aussies as he knew our sense of humour. He made the obligatory jokes about us all looking the same etc. He called Kevin Kelvin, which has kind of stuck.

He took us to all the right spots... the Peak, Aberdeen and Stanley market, and a sampan ride through the through the Harbour and fishing village.

Our sampan ‘skipper’ was definitely ‘tiller the hun’. I was taking her photo when she started screaming at me... i worked out eventually she was saying fifty five dollars. I thought she’d been telling me I had to pay to take her picture, but apparently that must be the time she routinely started screaming at her passengers re the cost of the trip that we’d previously been told was $50.

There was an American woman who argued about the extra $5. (about 80c)... She was still arguing when we got back. Funnily enough it turned out the price was $50... poor old girl, must have gotten confused! She had to give the extra money back.

From there we went back to town and Kevin and Helen had the funniest spaghetti Ive ever seen. (still unsure why you go to China and eat spag but thats beside the point!) Anyway, back to the spaghetti... its sauce was sliced up spammy stuff, with maybe shredded chicken in white sauce. It looked v bad.... but they said it was ok. David and I gutsed down Malaysian stuff. Yum.

Then we went our separate ways. I headed off for reflexology and a full massage. The boys and Helen shopped.

I had a wonderful reflexology treatment that 24 hours later Im still feeling the pain of. The massage wasn’t as good but still damn fine!

The guy who did my feet was really skilled... just about gave me my whole medical history. The girl didn’t speak any English really and our charades were average. I stripped down to my knickers which she thought were very funny.... Apparently I was supposed to put on their boxers... (pass).

But for my trouble and their amusement I had my massage and they only overcharged me by about 50hk which is maybe $8au, so I could live with that.

The guys were all at the hotel sloshing on when I got back. I of course quickly joined them... (just to be sociable of course...) when the waitress came and asked if we wanted another round I said no thanks we are just going up to do it in our rooms. Well the 3 of them just laughed until they had tears in their eyes. The poor waitress took off like a startled rabbit.

Well we did go and do it in our rooms... we polished of a small bottle of baileys. Whilst in the boys room David revealed his new trousers that when he put them up against himself looked unfortunately like Harry High pants, so again, that set us off laughing again topped off by Helen telling us she has a little blue man inside her camera that only she can see. Ok Helen... did you bring your meds??? Ian... anything I should know???? This trip was meant to be full disclosure, I don’t think you guys read the fine print!!!!

So we trundled off just in time for happy hour. (darn it!) and waited for Kevin to join us. He’d gone to the loo or to ‘phone his sister’ (smoke). When he came back he said that his shoes were squeaking and he sounded like astro boy. Unfortunately I though he said ‘Gastro Boy’. When I said that the waitress apparently heard and cracked up. Poor Kevin... she approached him with caution after that!

We obviously were a little different from the usual crowd as I then started to scratch and I said maybe I had fleas from the massage place... she heard that too.

So Harry High Pants, Gastro Boy, the flea bag and Helen had a quick bite and off to bed for a very early 5am start... heading to Shanghai. Being picked up at 6.20 am.

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