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Hello all,

Today we took a train to a place called Lop Buri, because there is a huge familly of monkeys that live there. Didn't quite expect to see quite that many monkets they were everywhere. The first time i noticed them was when one on the roof picked up all of the moss out of the gutter and kindly threw it at us. Then we had to buy some water and ciggys from the shop and nick had the carrier bag in his hand, then as we walked around the corner one of the monkeys jumped up and stole the bag from his hands and set to work trying to open the ciggarette packet. Nick was to scared to try and get them back of the monkey so he went and bought some more (chicken)!!! As we walked back to the train station we saw all of our ciggys chewed up and spat out on the side of the road it had chewed every single one.

Anyway we looked around for a little bit and saw a few of the temples but there wasn't really that much to see so we didn't stay that long. And got the train back ayuttaya. Then we will get the night train to Chaing Mai.

Take care peoples lots of love claire and nick xxx

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