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060608 – 1900 Neil, Keane, and I are once again sitting next to the fire. I tried to get hitch into the fire, but feared that that painful metal noise box in hitch’s chest would emerge from the flames and chase us….like the Terminator. I will continue to try and hide hitch to minimize the obnoxious interruptions to our peaceful surroundings.

The day began with me preparing pan cakes for the boys. They enjoyed the pancakes and preserves that we made together last summer with the apricots off of the tree in the back yard. I then went for my 30 minute run. I really struggled at the elevation, but felt much better after completing the run. While I was running I expected the boys to break down the camp (my expectations were low) and was mildly disappointed to find them still working when I returned. We finished the process and were on the road by 0710.

We stopped for Gas in Fredonia Arizona at a store that had a sign indicating that we could buy Beer, Ammo, and Lottery tickets. What else could one need? After stopping for gas we drove around Fredonia looking for a grocery store so that I could supplement our dry goods with fresh veggies. After wasting 20 minutes we were pleased to find a giant rock with a massive “F” painted on its side. Our initial read was that was one big “F-in” Rock, but then made the connection with Fredonia. Given that we could not find lettuce we decided to stock up on Ammo, Beer, and Lottery tickets and continue on our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Our next stop was in Jacob Lake where we stopped at a diner to buy stale bread (for our cheese fondue) and eat lunch. We had burgers and sat next to a biker dude proudly telling a Dutch couple about his new German wife. He apparently found her on the internet and was awaiting shipping and approval by customs for entry into the US. He had been waiting for his package for over three months. He though that the couple was German…….never figured out that they were Dutch. They were intrigued by the intrusion.

We arrived at our campsite at 2PM but could not figure out what time zone we were in. Our cell phones updated to Mountain but all of the clocks were still on Pacific Time. Look s like the Grand Canyon is Pacific a common trend for western national parks. Worked for us.

You could not see the canyon from our campsite and the kids were starting to think this stop was a sham. Consequently I made them gear up for a 5 mile hike. Within 5 minutes we were on a canyon wall looking down about 3000 feet. We hiked to The Grand Canyon lodge on the Bridle trail and then on to Bright Angel Point. The kids and I were absolutely amazed with the view. We could look across to the South Rim and down to an uncertain bottom (was there a bottom) of the canyon. I tried to teach the boys to walk on the safe side of the trail at all times……..they did not listen. One wrong move in many places and it would have been several thousand feet straight down. They are starting to get it…………………….

We returned home on the Transept trail and immediately began preparing our cheese fondue. What a great dinner. After dinner we read the second chapter of The Art of War and had an interesting discussion about when it makes sense to engage in battle and how you must prepare for action. Neil is really getting into the discussions. Keane would rather poke a hot stick in his eye.

It is now 10PM and I am off to bed.

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