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Uncle Dick, Karina, Aunt Sharon

Blayde trying get Papa or Fritz to play with him.

Blayde, Julia and Mark looking at baby pictures.

Here it is Sunday afternoon and we have yet to know for sure when our Roadtrek will be ready for us to pick up. No word as of yet from Vogt Motor Homes as we sit here in limbo waiting to know when we can start our travels. As previously mentioned, they promised us "December", then "by Christmas for sure", then "December 28", now...?????? Promises, excuses and then we are told more promises and excuses. Alas, we are still waiting (and waiting and waiting...) to take delivery so we can load it up and head out for California.

On the brighter side, we have had a very enjoyable week visiting with family. We spent New Year's Eve (Monday) with my parent's in their lovely home in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. We had a nice visit with our Tucson relatives, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Dick (my father's brother), and Karina, while at my parents home. They made the trek from Ft. Worth, where they are visiting their daughter (my cousin) Mary Anna, in order to spend a pleasant afternoon with all of us and catch up on family news.

The next day, Tuesday, our son (Mark) arrived with his girlfriend (Julia) from Florida. We have been enjoying our visit with the two of them very much. Mark has been busy taking Julia all around East Texas to show her where he grew up and to go "down memory lane" one last time as he knows that once our Roadtrek arrives we will no longer live here in East Texas and future visits will be at his house (wherever that may be). We have really enjoyed getting to know Julia and seeing Mark so happy. I've enjoyed showing Julia all of Mark's baby pictures and sharing funny stories of his childhood with her. They will be with us for a few more days before heading back to Florida to drop Julia off at the University of Miami and then Mark will head back to Ithaca, NY, to finish his last semester at Cornell University.

Hopefully my next entry will include a picture and the news of us taking delivery of our new home. Santa sure is late with our Christmas gift this year!

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