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My dorm

Hey guys!

Haven't updated this in a few days, find that by the time i finishe writing e-mails i don't have any internet time left for the webpage! The internet in the hostel in perth is really slow its poo! People have been complaining over the past few days as you pay for half an hour or an hour at the time, 10 mins of which is taken up just sitting waiting for things to load. Anyway internet problems aside- loving perth!! The weather is just amazing!! Its not too hot but hell its not cold!! Its just nice, although you really do notice the strength of the sun. Im keeping covered up and managing to go a little bit pink, yey pigment!! First day in perth Mr French spent at the Wacka cricket ground which he loved and came back pink too! But not burnt. I spent the first day wandering around the city and Kings Park with a friend i used to work with who has now moved out here- how random! Had a lovely day and saw some lovely things, there's just such diversity here, on one side is a huge city, then a beach then a beautiful park which makes you feel like your in a jungle lol its brilliant.

Yesterday we went to a place called freemantle which is a nice little town just outside perth, we had a wander around there and did touristy things and caught a bit more sun. Was a nice day but expensive as we ended up booking a trip to a place called the Pinnacles. Unfortunately when we got back to the hostel we were informed that the trip had been cancelled (booooo) so we have now booked different ones. Frenchie is getting to do the wine tour he has been gagging to do and im going swimming with dolphins- which i have been gagging to do since i was a teeny tiny tot! So very excited but now also very broke as went waaaaay over budget. Having said that i had planned to do it in New Zealand so hopefully it will balance out.

Oooo yesterday when we were in freemantle we were tottling past a little restaurant on the harbour and sitting/standing on the steps was a pelican- which i thought was fake until it started blinking and flapping its wings, ud be surprised by how fake they actually look! I was close enough to shake its wing, which i didn't cause its mouth was huuuugeeee and i didn't want to end up in it! Anyway a waiter came out and tried to shoo it away with a tray and the poor thing hopped into the path of an unsuspecting chinese girl who i think might have thought it was fake too as she kept walking towards it. It was only when it opened its mouth and made wahtever crazy noise it is they make (nnnyyyaaagghhhh) that she realised it was real and jumped out of her skin letting out a squeeel (quite funny). While everyone was laughing and the chinese girl was still running this pelican hopped nicely into the river and went about its business. Gave us a giggle or too and just love how close you can get to some crazy animals and birds out here.

Going off to Northbridge now to check out the museum and a few bars etc etc =D. Been spending a bit of time with a French girl n my dorm who is so lovely so think we might meet her for lunch and then mooch by some shops and just lust over the wonderful clothes and tacky-yet insanely buyable- souvenirs.

Love you and miss you all!

Backpacking Foy


P.s When internet is not being poop we'll try again with the photo's =D xxx

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