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Just a quick update to say that I've arrived safely in Johor Bahru. I left my hostel in Singapore about quarter past 10 and had to get the bus from the hostel to the JB Bus Depot. I left the bus depot at 11 and got taken to customs for Malaysia, there was lots of waiting around in queues, especially when we got to immigration once we were over the bridge. I met some Australians in the queue who were all shocked at the hugeness of my rucksack and asked if it was heavy - to which I replied yes, it is heavy, but its got stuff in it to last for a year! Once through immigration I got a taxi to my hotel in Johor Bahru. Had a bit of a nightmare with paying as I didn't have enough Singapore Dollars, so the driver took me to a bank so I could get some money out! Then the hotel wouldn't let me pay on my card so I had to take another trip to a bank and get more money out. I decided to extend my stay at the hotel - it was originally booked for 2 nights, but I've made it 3 as I'm too tired today to do anything majorly exciting, so am just going to walk around the local area and get an early night. Unlike the hostel in Singapore where there was free internet access, I've had to find an internet cafe, but it's pretty cheap.

First impressions of Malaysia are that the people are all extremely friendly and willing to help. Also, whereas in Singapore there are lots of high rise buildings, there are very few in Malaysia as it's not as small as Singapore.

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