Kapoors Year 1: India/S.E. Asia travel blog

Jack and Cheryl Walker

Sierra Walker With Her Security Bunny



At last, our journey has begun! We left Edmonton around 3:00 p.m. - two hours behind schedule (schedule - who needs schedules anymore!) and arrived to a warm welcome from Vicki's cousin Jack Walker, his wife Cheryl and their dog Sierra. The afternoon drive to Cochrane was amazing - the sun was gleaming and the prairie was ablaze with fall colour.

In every direction, fields were full of bales of hay - some wrapped completely in plastic to protect them from the elements. Did Dustin Hoffman ever imagine this scene when his father's friend whispered the world "plastics" to him in the film "The Graduate"?

We had a glass of wine in the sunshine upon arrival and AAA beef with morel sauce for dinner later. It was my first taste of morels - a scarce mushroom that only grows in the wild after a forest fire. A moment of regret that we are leaving Canada for the foreseeable future - when will I taste Alberta beef and morels again...

Thanks to Jack and Cheryl for their warm hospitality and even more for their offer to join us somewhere on our journey...


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