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Day 17

Early start as we leave Lima and travel to the Ballestas Island where we take a boat trip to see all the wildlife including seals, numerous birds and penguins. After a quick lunch we head to the small desert town of Ica. An amazing dune buggy ride driven by a crazy driver took us further into the desert. We also had the opportunity to try sand boarding but there are not many pictures of me doing this as I was not standing up for long. After this we were dropped of in the desert and we enjoyed watching the best sunset I have ever seen and a massive barbeque followed by an indifferent nights sleep under the stars.

Day 18

Having recovered from the night in the desert we headed to a campsite in Nazca. In the afternoon we took a flight over the Nazca Lines in a very small plane that the pilot enjoyed swinging us around as much as he could.

Day 19

Left Nazca and headed to another beach camp in Porta Inca to enjoy the last of the good weather and oxygen before we begin our climb up into the mountains.

Day 20

We travelled further south to Arequipa which lies in the midst of 3 volcanoes at an altitude of 2325m. In the evening we went to a restaurant to sample the local food including Guinea Pig its a bit like chicken but I would not choose to eat it again.

Day 21

Spent the morning looking around a museum giving us more information about the Incas and in particular the human sacrifices that they used to perform.

Day 22

Long drive to Chivay up to an altitude of about 5000m above sea level it was very cold about 4 degrees during the day and even climbing up some stairs left you breathless.

Day 23

Up very early to make the short journey to the Colca Valley the second deepest ravine in the world. Once the air warms up the Condors appear to give the many tourists an amazing display of their capabilities I could have watched them all day. Back in time to enjoy the hot springs.

Day 24

Very long days drive to Cusco our base for the Inca Trail fortunately we have dropped in altitude and the weather is also slightly warmer.

Day 25

We arranged to take a tour to the Sacred Valley and to the village of Pisac to visit a traditional market. We also visited 3 Inca villages.

Day 26

Last day to prepare for the Inca Trail we will be away for 4 days and it should be the highlight of the trip. I will be back on Sunday and will try and put some photos up on Monday.

Sorry for going on a bit but as you can see I have been very busy.

I hope everyone is well and that you have been enjoying the hot weather that I hear you have been having.


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